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Secretary Norman Mineta received the John Fuyuume Citizenship Award from SECC President, Hon Bruce Peterson and Trustee Michael Asada on Sunday


American writer & SECC Trustee, John M. Seabrook, Jr., delivered the keynote speech at John Fuyuume Citizenship Award Luncheon on Sunday


Mayor James Crilley and James M. Seabrook, Sr. welcomed guests at the Fellowship Luncheon on Saturday


James M. Seabrook, Sr.


Mayor James Crilley, is shown, second from right with SECC Members and Estonian Council


NBC10’s Denise Nakano served as MC at the 2017 John Fuyuume Citizenship Award on Sunday

NBC10’s Denise Nakano

Secretary Norman Y. Mineta received the 2017 John Fuyuume Citizenship Award on Sunday

Secretary Norman Y. Mineta


Along the Road  Band performed their very own “9066 Express” on Sunday